Smarter coffees
for the driven.


You drink coffee to kick-start your morning, to power through your days and to stay on top of your game. You are driven, hardworking, switched on and strive to excel. 

Clarity was designed for you.

Clarity is a cognitive enhancing and health boosting coffee powder, combining a unique blend of 14 vitamins, minerals, and compounds to nourish your brain, boost neurotransmitters and keep you sharper for longer. 

Clarity was formulated to not interfere with the taste of your favourite coffee, mix seemlessly and work in synergy with whatever style of coffee you drink. 


Word of introduction

After spending years in the health industry I learnt about the amazing potential of vitamins, minerals, and botanical extracts.

As an avid health and fitness enthusiast with a passion for self improvement I am always trying to get the most out of my body and my mind; creating Clarity is my way to share this outlook. The Clarity Enhancers vision is to utilise cutting edge nutritional science to provide consumers with ways to benefit their minds, bodies and lives, without the need for drastic change.

I hope you enjoy Clarity as much as I do.

Ryan Piper (Founder)